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Compare Dog Food
Dog Food Advisor. Complete dog food reviews and dog food ratings.

Animal Rescue
Furry Friends Rescue Center. A non-profit no-kill rescue center providing a service to the community by reducing the cost of handling, processing and euthanizing animals.

Working Dogs
Sled Dog Central. Your on-line sled dog advertising & information source.

Fun Dog Sites
Walnut Knob Farms. Mastiff and French Bulldog puppies, all well-socialized.

Collars and Pet ID Tags
Pet ID Tags. Canadian firm specializing in high-quality ID tags for dogs and cats.

Fencing, Kennels, Bedding, and Supplies
All Around Fence. Pennsylvania firm providing kennels and various types of fencing.
Mammoth Outlet. Dog beds that are industrial strength, with removable covers that are 100% machine washable, and are stain and mildew resistant.
Shop Dots World. Find what you are needing for your family pet or anything else you are looking for.

Pet Portraits - Other Art and Design Sites
Pastel Pet Portraits. Exquisite Pet Portraits beautiful pastel paintings of your pet by Lorraine Gray.
Unique Dog Art. Paintings, Photographs, and Craft Items featuring most dog breeds—cats too!
Triona Joyce Animal Portrait Artist. Fine charcoal and watercolor portraits based on photographs
Photo Pet Gifts and Memorials. A beautiful product: Your pet's photo transferred to fine ceramic tile, with text and frame.
Angelic Designs. Full-service design company headquartered in Buckhannon, WV.

Pet Sitting
Pet Sitters International. Information about Pet Sitters working in the United States and Worldwide.

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