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In-Home Pet Sitting Services Customer Testimonials


“I had Sharon come over one weekend a few years ago when I had to work last minute and my regular sitter was already gonna be out of town. I wasn’t from the area and didn’t know where to look, but easily found her website with a simple Google search. I loved how she was with my dog and I could tell they enjoyed each other! My dog isn’t really the friendliest with strangers, but she got all excited with Sharon ! I liked that she made sure they met beforehand, and made sure she had all the info she needed, like emergency numbers for example. Very professional, energetic, kind, and friendly.  I really wish we could have continued to have her as a sitter, but I moved far away shortly after. I was touched how she even added me on Facebook more recently, even though we only had her sit that one weekend. Her regular sitter we had for a whole year while we lived in W.V. never did that or kept in touch at all!”

—Becky Kneip 



"Sharon has taken great care of our two cats for several years when we go on trips. She is very friendly and caring towards them. She sends frequent updates, and we never have to worry when she takes care of them."

—Crosby H.


"Sharon Ours has been our dog sitter for our sweet Golden Retriever, Toby for at least 7.5 years.  She is extremely trustworthy and has a great intuition for all animals.  Her level of care is remarkable .  She is very dependable and conscientious in all her duties.  She provides pictures of Toby and gives us a detail interaction report each time she visits him.  We call her a dog whisperer, as she seems to know what our dog is feeling, saying and even not saying.  She plays “search & rescue” with Toby every time she is with him.  


Toby has been eating the brand of dog food, Sharon recommends, Abundant Life.  We purchase it off the website and is shipped directly to our home.  It is an excellent product and worth the extra money, because our dog is worth every penny.  


We highly recommend Sharon and using her services.  She has watered our plants, brought in the mail and checks out our house and loves on our sweet four legged boy in a fur coat!"


—James & Debbie H.

"We love the life's abundance revitalizing shampoo in kiwi mango scent that Sharon sells. The dogs are so soft and they smell great for a long time. And it only takes a small amount for a great lather. Would highly recommend it!"

—Angela E.


"If you'd rather have a pet sitter come to your house, Sharon Ours is the best in the area. She owns A Domestic Friend Pet Sitting. I've used her for years, and she is amazing. And she is bonded and insured."

—Steve W. 

"Sharon, I love your shampoo. Paco had dry skin and I had used everything to help, even Argan oil. After the first shampoo, no more dry flaking skin. I only use a little more than a teaspoon and it lathers up so well. Paco will still smell clean and no doggy odor for 2 or 3 weeks. I love it. I use the revitalizing shampoo with kiwi and mango scent. Thanks for telling me about it!"

–a satisfied customer  


"Is there anything better than coming home from vacation, climbing into your own bed and having all three of your fur babies curled up with you. Shout out to Sharon Ours and A Domestic Friend. She gives me peace of mind knowing she is keeping an eye on them."

–Miranda B.  


“We were a bit concerned as to how our dog would react to Sharon because he can be a bit snappy with people, but he liked her immediately. Sharon took good care of him as well as checking about the house in general, watering my plants, and making sure everything was in order around the house.”


Our dog’s comment is, "She knows how to treat a guy.”

—Ruth W.

“We have used Sharon many times over the past two years to tend our home and pets when we were out of town. Sharon goes beyond the call of duty. She has been extremely dependable and in one case saved our home from severe flood damage when a pipe burst. We highly recommend Sharon Ours as an excellent pet sitter, with reasonable rates and a passion for her work.”

—Christopher C.



“Sharon and her dog sitting have been a wonderful discovery for me and Cory. It is such a comfort to know when you are away there is someone who will be giving the same loving care to your pet as you would. The best reference is that Cory is always happy to see Sharon. Friends from day one.”

—Nancy H.



Thanks for visiting Sammy Samantha while we are away from her. We feel much better knowing she has someone to keep her from getting so lonesome.

—Bob C.



Sharon, Thank-you for pet sitting for our family on such short notice. With everything that happened, it was a comfort to know that our pets were in safe, loving, and competent hands.




Thanks for such a great job, as usual. Everybody was fat and sassy when we got home! It's a lot easier to go away knowing things are taken care of at home. Thanks again.




Dear Sharon, Thanks for all you did. We would have been lost without you.




Here's one written by the pets for our pet sitting services!


Sharon, Thank-you so much for taking such good care of us! We really do appreciate the time and love you give each time our parents are away. And this was their longest trip yet. They are quite relieved when you take care of us.

—Sampson & Gizmo

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